The Future of Work Compendium – 2019 (Ardent Partners)

In 2019, the vast majority of businesses (81%) are focused on achieving real business agility – real-time, on-demand, and dynamic approaches to emerging competitive challenges.

In this report, Ardent Partners describes the how businesses are optimizing work via a “transformation of business operations, talent, and seamless and holistic solutions.”

Download this report to:

  • Read about the implications of the evolution of talent acquisition and the Gig Economy
  • Learn how innovative tech solutions, systems, and platforms are transforming how work is done
  • Understand how transformational enterprise thinking will support a future based on the optimization of talent and work

In 2019, Ardent’s research has found that non-employee talent now comprises 41.5% of the global workforce.

In this environment, Ardent considers the next generation of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) technology, with augmented intelligence (AI), essential for facilitating the evolution of talent and optimizing how work is done.

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