The impact of the extended workforce in 2021 (and beyond)

April 23, 2021

Just over a decade ago, less than 20% of the average organization’s total workforce was considered “contingent” or “non-employee.” In this webinar, Christopher Dwyer (VP Research, Ardent Partners) will discuss why this figure has doubled and why half of the global workforce will be considered extended in just a year or two.

For businesses around the world, the growth and impact of the extended workforce has not just translated into traditional benefits (such as cost savings), but rather contributed to a far more critical objective: true business agility.

Download this webinar to hear the key take-aways, including:

  • Why today’s contingent workforce needs to be managed in a more dynamic manner.
  • Why the concept of the “extended” or “agile” workforce is here to stay.
  • How businesses can take advantage of the many shifts happening in the world of talent and work.
  • An outlook on how staffing and workforce management will look in the year ahead.

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