The New Standard for Procurement Innovation

October 11, 2018

But few have done as much to implement that vision as Kai Nowosel, chief procurement officer (CPO) at Accenture, the global professional services giant.
As reported in the May 2018 issue of Business Chief magazine, Nowosel is dramatically transforming Procurement at Accenture “from a traditional back office function into an area much more closely aligned with the [company’s] top line.” Key to this transformation is developing a thorough understanding of the business in order to anticipate demand.
This is particularly important in the management of Accenture’s contingent workforce, for which Accenture utilizes our vendor management system (VMS) to mitigate compliance risk, control costs and enhance workforce flexibility. Equally important, the VMS standardizes global contractor procurement processes and boosts speed to revenue.
Managing risk is important to Nowosel’s strategic initiative. "It is extremely relevant that all the partners we are working with are following a very rigid process, a very clear playbook on how we assess and handle risk and controls," he says.

Partnership Vital to Accenture’s Vision

According to Nowosel, transforming the procurement function means shifting “from being a better negotiator to being a better ecosystem manager.” Part of that shift requires finding strategic partners for Accenture’s ecosystem – partners that are agile and innovative in supporting the company’s mantra of “Rotating to the New,” and Nowosel’s vision of utilizing technology to gain “access to the right content at the right point.”
Nowosel considers procurement “the tinder of innovation” and a key to making Accenture more competitive. As Accenture’s partner, Beeline provides technology to innovate Accenture’s strategically important contractor program. Some of our latest innovations include:
  • Innovative partnerships that provides the digital channels and tools needed to engage and support users as they seamlessly move across self-service and agent-assisted channels like chat, and email.
  • Integrated Self-Sourcing to reduce cost, time-to-fill, and compliance risk
  • Integrated background screening to ensure visibility and control needed to ensure candidates are properly screened by suppliers before onboarding
  • Advanced microservice architecture for faster innovation, to future-proof Accenture’s investment
We are very proud of our long-standing partnership with Accenture, and we are excited to contribute to Accenture’s procurement transformation.
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Tracey Fria is director global relationship manager at Beeline.