Case Study

Track and Manage Contingent Staff

August 20, 2014

This IT/professional consulting firm serves Fortune's Global 1000 companies and national and local governments in more than 90 countries. One of the world's largest outsourcing companies, with 93,000 people and a significant contingent workforce spend, the client felt it was not getting the best rate for each contingent worker. They turned to Beeline. For more details, download our Success Story.

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Using Beeline and our propriety solution, SmartView® analytics, we determined that suppliers were submitting candidates at bill rates equal to or just under the maximum request rate. While the program generated savings due to competition and vendor neutrality, Beeline predicted more savings could be captured with a slight change to their process.

Program savings—previously trending between $140,000 and $250,000 quarterly—doubled the first quarter that the VMS change was implemented, then tripled and continues to grow.

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