Understanding the Value of the Regional VMS Model

August 15, 2017

Whether entering emerging markets or sourcing specialized talent to add to your extended workforce, expanding your domestic VMS globally still offers businesses the opportunity to deliver the business benefits of cost savings, compliance, and analytics—in additional countries.
In this blog post, you'll learn how top multinational organizations use the Regional VMS solution we developed to improve performance, streamline processes, implement spend management, control procedures and reduce costs—even in smaller markets.

Are You Getting Off Track With Your Program Expansion?

What do you do to manage international workers?
If your CW program isn't managed and reportable, you aren't doing the right things.
Companies with global operations typically have large concentrations of contingent workers in a few primary countries and smaller numbers of workers in several other countries. Legal compliance, local intricacies, adoption, and legacy systems can make it tough to manage your entire extended workforce.
When you need to expand fast, it's easy to end up getting off track with your program expansion.
Until recently, multinational organizations haven't had a cost-effective way to expand quickly and maintain their CW program capabilities. There was no standard process for global expansion. That lead to lack of visibility. Program managers got bogged down in all the complexity.
It wasn't a good situation.
When you do a global rollout, you want to know who your contractors are in these countries and ensure that they're onboarded and offboarded correctly and have the proper background checks, which vary by local laws.
Some companies have tried using global resource tracking systems to manage work assignments and worker access, but these systems cannot provide comprehensive sourcing, procurement, and time-and expense (T&E) management.
So, how can you automate the procurement process and stay compliant?

Don't Try Deploying Your Program Globally Without a Standard Process First

A global rollout is no little thing.
Let's say I'm hiring a manager in the UK and I need to hire someone in Italy. It stinks if I have to figure out that I need to do something completely different in Italy than I'm used to in the UK. This happens more often than you may think. Or consider a company with management located in the UK but only 10 or 20 contractors in other small countries in Europe.
See what I mean?
What if I told you that you could fill each position fast and manage contractors' time and expenses automatically … and eliminate a ton of time spent on the more tedious aspects of managing your CW program?
A way to have a quicker and less costly implementation?
There is a way to take your CW program global without exposing your business to unnecessary risk. And it starts with using a standard process.
Which brings me to...

How to Stop Making Yourself Crazy When Deploying Your Program Globally

When expanding a CW program into new markets you can run into roadblocks, resistance, and resentment.
I've blogged before about how to prepare for a global expansion. There wasn't a cost-effective way to manage your entire extended workforce in a single system of record —until now.
Beeline's Regional VMS model.
Now, you can use a fully localized VMS in primary markets and a Regional VMS in countries with lower spend. You get end to end sourcing and a standard process without doing a full-blown rollout in markets that don't warrant it.
The Regional VMS model gives hiring managers the same process globally. It allows you to manage from a regional hub approach.
Using the example mentioned above, I might have my management located in the UK and only have 10 or 20 contractors in other small countries in Europe. Utilizing the Regional VMS model, I can easily manage my contractors because I know the process is the same across all of those countries. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we standardize and roll it out in a similar market. So, it's really an attempt to allow you to manage globally without all the complexity.
We're already working with top multinational organizations to improve performance, streamline processes, implement spend management, and control procedures and reduce costs using the Regional VMS solution we developed. Our Regional VMS solution allows clients to group countries into regions for implementation and support purposes.
Now it's easier than ever before to expand your CW program globally and have visibility and compliance.

If you want to learn more about expanding your CW program globally, download our free data sheet today.