Fact sheet

Visibility and control over your entire workforce – employees and non-employees

January 23, 2023

Imagine -- You have 20,000 workers across 20 countries. But you can only accurately report on 20% of them. Until now, this has been the reality for most companies.  

With Global Workforce Intelligence, you can see and analyze data from your entire workforce – employees and non-employees – all in one platform.  

Download this fact sheet to find out how you can finally get the total workforce visibility you need. 

  • Read how to gain real-time visibility for all global talent sourcing and compliance needs 
  • Learn how to identify compliance risks and ensure your workforce is audit-ready anytime, every time 
  • Understand how to source with confidence, empowering your teams with decision guidance for accurate classification 

Imagine the results you could achieve with one platform that captures your total talent while minimizing co-employment risk. 

Use Total Workforce Navigator to visualize your workforce by geographic location, by labor categories, and by business unit. 

Use Front Door to request any type of work or workers. 

Use our Compliance Anomaly Engine to: 

  • Detect employment regulation, tax, and cost anomalies 
  • Flag compliance concerns and track remediation 
  • Maintain an ‘always-on’ audit of all workflows and system actions 

For more information about what Global Workforce Intelligence can do for you, download our fact sheet today.



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