Creating a sample invoice in the test Environment

by following the steps, you should be able to Create an invoice using the test Environment (Im01, Im03)
  • So Before anything else, we need to make sure that we have an approved expense to invoice, so you might want to createa sample timecard first before the actual creation of Invoice. (You can follow the below steps I took)
—–DETAILS—- IM01. testing Managing Firm: AGS Sample assignment number: 9866841 Resource: GDPR, Test Hiring Manager: SANTOS, PABLO E. Time card Approver: Manager, AGS TPL Office Buyer Organization: Great Britain – Professional (Cat) Supplier: Jonathan Lee Contracts, Ltd (Cat-UK) Sample timecard submitted: T-45024626-0, T-45029620-0 (16/09/18) —–/DETAILS—- —–STEPS—- step 1: identify a sample assignment number in the test site Step 2: submit a timecard Step 3: Approve it on behalf of the manager Step 4: creat the invoice -login as accounting representative – Click “Create Invoice” – Bill through date should be the weekending date – Create a filter – get the supplier Org name, rename the filter – Click Create invoice, refresh the invoice list -From “Actions”, click “Apply Taxes and Discounts”, refresh the invoice list – Submit for Approval – Close the session and login – Now, Login as the Accounting MAnager – Go to the Buyer Org, Invoices to approve the submitted invoice – Manage Extracts -Select All extracts and click “Generate” – After generating all the extracts, mark them all and click ” Send” —–/STEPS—-