Email Guidelines for IQN

Any email received from the support inbox that is related to IQN, we should redirect them to create a ticket. Regardless if they are from the BIG3 (WF, Shell or Menasha) or not, we refer them to create a ticket on the portal. The reason behind this is for us to be able to track how many tickets were opened by a certain client. We will only give QRG contacts via ticket for security purposes. Below is the template that we will use to divert all emails to create a ticket
Thank you for contacting IQN Support. Please be advised that we are now moving to a new platform to serve you better. 
We advise you to register at our new portal:
You may create a ticket in regards to your inquiry. You may also check the status of your ticket through the portal. 
Best Regards,
[Support Name] Product Support Specialist IQN VMS