How to add CAC 1 code on an assignment?

  1. Login to the proper environment (Augustus,WellsFargo,Vision)
  2. Choose the Managing Firm of the client
              3. Go to ‘Accounts’ under Set up         4. Choose the parent buyer org and click ‘Login to Org’             5. Click your name to populate options and choose ‘Alternate UI’           6. Choose ‘Assignment Details’ under assignments tab.           7. Choose ‘Assignment ID’ for Criteria 1 and enter the assignment number. Once the assignment has populated on the screen – click the assignment number on a blue hyperlink.             8. Go to ‘Cost Codes’ tab and click ‘Add New’         9. Click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ symbol, enter the cost codes and click the arrow.           10. Once the code has populated, choose ‘Contractors Other’ (Default) under Cost Element           11. Lastly, go to ‘Assignment Detail Management Summary’ and hit save.