How to log a Charles Schwab ticket?

  1. Once we receive an e-mail from Weblogic System Account, we need to create a ticket.
  1. Login to
  2. Create a new ticket, make sure to put the following: Caller: (YOUR NAME) Caller Type: Internal User Contact Type: Internal Account Name: Charles Schwab Category: Web Services Sub-category: Outbound – Worker Priority: P5 Assignment Group: Service Desk 2
  1. Make sure to copy the description on the e-mail to the description of the ticket. Short Description: File Missing Description: There is no orx file in the /export/share/transfer/download/schwab/worker directoryThere is no xml file in the /export/share/transfer/upload/schwab/worker directory There is no xml.receipt file in the /export/share/transfer/upload/schwab/worker directory
  1. Send back an e-mail to the client whom send an e-mail for this request and let them know that a ticket has been created.