IQN- Payment Request Invoicing guide (Shell)

A payment request is invoiced on the set invoice day after the week ending date has passed. Currently, Our format for dating Shell US invoices goes as follows: Invoice Date:  Wednesday  Bill Through Date:  Wednesday  Cutoff Date/Time:  Wedenesday, HARD cutoff of 8AM MST and then sent by EOD Thursday  By following this document, we will be able to check the ending date of a payment request: Sample concern: I- 14699299 In this ticket, the client is saying that the approved expenditure should have been invoiced on March 08, 2018 and asking the reason why this was not invoiced.
  • Login to buyer Org
  • Select Manage and hit Project payment Request
  • Search for the Payment request Number
From here, we can see that the Expenditure date is 3/31/18 Saturday which means this expenditure will be invoiced on the next invoice day (Wednesday 05/04/18) after the expenditure date has passed.