SSO : Importing certificate using CER file format ( Cert swap)

by Following the instructions, you should be able to import a certificate to an SSO client. Reference Ticket: I-14712091 In this case, the certificate provided is NOT self- signed. We always want the Self – signed certificate because whatever you do in the admin servlet, it won’t be accepted. But if the client confirms that the certificate is the correct one, we can do the import through the CER file.
  • First, get the provided certificate, copy the content and paste in notepad++, save the file as “new.cer”
  • open the CER file and click “install certificate”
  • Go back to Certificate path tab,
  • Double click “DigiCert”
  • go to”Details” tab
  • Click “Copy to File”, next,
  • select base-64 encoded x.509 (.CER)
  • hit next
  • save as “digicert.cer”
  • Go back to the Original window and go to “Certificate path” tab again.
  • now click on DigiCert Sha2 Extended Validation Server CA (Dotesamething like what you did for Digicert and a save the file using your preferred filename.CER)
  • Now Go to Admin Servlet
  • Upload those CER files you have saved (Do it one by one: digicert.cer, filename.cer, new.cer)
  • there should be no error uploading then
  • Update the client and confirm thattheycanlogin
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