Switching SSO within Production Environment

BACKSTORY: Charter bought Time Warner Cable (TWC). Currently, the SSO active onIQN is TWC, but they are switching toCHARTER’s settings. SD3 has preconfigured and loaded the SSO/SAML certificates already. We just need to “Flip the switch” forCHARTER. Below are screenshots on how to do it:
  1. Login to Time Warner Cable Managing (TWC) Firm
2. Go to Accounts 3. Find the Enterprise Org 4. Go to the settings and find the Policies button 5. Find the policy for CHARTER SSO & TWC SSO and click the link for it. As seen in the screenshot, CHARTER is still disabled while TWC is enabled. The goal is todisableTWC, and enable CHARTER 6. Here’s how: It’s basically the same for both policies. We just need to toggle the Enabled field. TWC will have to be set as No, while CHARTER will be set to Yes