Ticket Priority Guidelines

  • P1 – Total system outage. IQNavigator system is available however not fully responsive.
  • P2 – Impacts multiple users and/ormultipleorsinglecustomer. Unable to perform critical business functions with no workarounds.Security risk (breach of data,infrastracture).Breachofclientpreformanceguarantee with financial impact. Systematic impairment or interruption of a vital function, such that the error causes complete loss of critical business process functionality (i.e., a process-critica function of the IQNavigator system is substantially unavailable for access or use);noworkaroundexist. Examples:cannot create timecards, job requisitions, or work orders.
  • P3 – Customer’s access and use of theIQN System may be adversely impacted but the issue is less severe than a system-wide outage or complete loss of critical business process functionality. This situation results from a disruption in service that requires priority attention (e.g. specific page or key transaction has unrecoverable errors with no workaround)butdoesnotpreventcustomer from continuing its operations. Examples: can’t submit a timecard due to an error,buthadavalidwork around byhavingsuppliersubmitthecardinsteadorareportcan’tberunwithafilter, but can be run without filters.
  • P4 – Disruption in service a degradation ofperformancethathasadverseimpactbutneitherpreventstheIQNSystemfrom continuing its normal operations nor prevents customer’s normal operations; workarounds may exist that involve additional effort. Example:notbeingabletooverridesupplierlistonrequisition.
  • P5 – Minimal impact on customer’s normal operations. Example: how to question, system usability, password resets.