Why sometimes hiring manager cannot approve timecard?

  • Check the assignment if the timecard approver have multiple accounts
  • Check the roles of the hiring manager
  • Check whose manager was set as timecard approver on the assignment
  • Check the Estimated Remaining Labor Budget of the assignment (OLD UI TO CHECK THE MOST UPDATED ESTIMATED LABOR REMAINING BUDGET). If the remaining budget is negative, then there’s a need to add budget for future expenditures.
  • Check if the CAC values are still active in the buyer side
  • Validate the CAC valuesindicatedtotheassignment
Note: When “Track Budget by Labor and Expenses” is set to Yes, the system will display and track the work order transactions and remaining budget by labor and expenses. When payment request management is enabled as well, the system will enforce the management at the labor and expense level. This setting is NOT recommended for customers who are configured for system calculated labor as that value will not include overtime. In addition, thissettingcannotbeenabled when the customer has configured View Assignment Estimated Total Spend. The assignment needs to be amended and the labor budget needs to be raised