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Giving Our Customers An Edge Through Innovation

At Beeline, innovative strategies start with truly understanding issues, problems, and opportunities. Once a problem is well understood, exploring solutions and implementing the best ones creates real value for our clients. Beeline’s innovative strategies span service quality, processes, and products.

As the market for contingent workforce management has grown, Beeline met the demand with a host of industry innovations, including interactive visualization and analysis tools, enhanced data security, a superior user interface with contextual guidance and configurable decision wizards, and the industry’s first automatic and transparent process for managing complex international rate structures.

Beeline continues to distinguish itself as a uniquely innovative and customer-centric workforce technology provider that is transforming itself to provide clients value beyond the confines of VMS.

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Other innovations include establishing the industry’s first European data center (with security compliant with stringent EU regulations), launching a revolutionary new offering for sourcing workers directly from internal and external talent pools (Self-Sourcing), and creating a proprietary data engine capable of delivering previously unachievable insights on the contingent labor market, all driven by scalable data visualization, machine learning, and real-time predictive analytics (ATOM).

Combining the capabilities of the two most innovative companies in our industry has resulted in the most scalable, secure, and robust architecture in the market today. In addition to our VMS platforms, we are currently developing a new, next-generation extended workforce management solution that anticipates market demands well into the future.

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