Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enjoy the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solution and the peace of mind knowing that Beeline follows the industry-recommended best practice guidelines for high volume, high availability systems.

Not All SaaS Providers Are Created Equal

SaaS delivers software over the Internet without requiring installation or maintenance of that software. It also eliminates the need to manage the hardware that supports it. A SaaS model typically relies on the Internet as the conduit between the software and its consumers. A general practice among SaaS providers is to implement client systems using a common codebase so that everyone benefits from new features and enhancements. Because customers use the same codebase, we can innovate and respond more quickly than traditional software providers.

Benefits Of SaaS Delivery Model

As true SaaS solutions, our best-of-breed systems ensure that your organization

  • Is always on the newest version and infrastructure
  • Is always operating with no disruptions due to upgrades or re-implementation, regardless of time zone
  • Gains new capabilities instantly without any wait
  • Has real-time access to the full history of contingent jobs, candidates, and assignments
  • Benefit from global roll-up reporting across all types of spending

Choose Beeline for a modern and flexible architecture that supports secure and scalable growth.

Performance You Can Rely On

To support you and your stakeholders, we stand behind the performance and uptime of our SaaS systems with industry-best service level agreements.

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