Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics And Data Science

The value of any business intelligence platform is its ability to provide actionable insight that drives solid strategic decision-making.

Get powerful analytics embedded into your business process at critical decision points as well as complete program visibility and metrics from traditional reporting and advanced data visualizations. Gain visibility into potential cost savings and quality improvement opportunities with our comprehensive, easy-to-use analytic and business intelligence tools, including our interactive data discovery platform, SmartView®.

Your program data contains an important story and our workforce analytics help you tell it.

Access To The World’s Largest Resource Of Contingent Workforce Data

Have confidence that you are running your program based on facts, not assumptions. Explore, manipulate, analyze, interpret, and understand your data in order to make the best business decisions about your extended workforce.

Use sophisticated tools and specialized expertise to build more accurate rate cards and benchmark your rates against current and historical rates by industry, job titles, job classification criteria, and location. Our extended workforce analytics provide more than headcounts, demographics, vendor rate cards, and the supplier data required to make tactical decisions. We provide the analytics to anticipate trends, identify improvements, manage risk, and seize strategic opportunities.

Advanced Analytic Tools For Better Decision-Making

In today’s market, firms must have the flexibility to adjust their temporary labor workforce and cost structures in response to changing business conditions. We will give you the tools you need, including:

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards
  • Industry standard reports
  • Contextual analytics embedded in end-user processes
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Dynamic charts and graphs
  • Intuitive Report Builder for easy, custom reports
  • Report gallery with tagging for easy report discovery
  • Interactive SmartView® visualizations

ATOM: Data Science At Your Fingertips

Our proprietary Automated Talent Ontology Machine (ATOM) delivers previously unachievable insights on temporary bill rates, time-to-fill, labor demand modeling, and industry benchmarking; all driven by scalable data visualization and real-time predictive analytics.

Based on a combination of data science methodologies and more than 15 years of contingent and statement of work labor data, ATOM is the industry’s first and only solution that actually learns from every user interaction, so that it understands client talent management needs better than any human expert or system alone. This is a prime example of our commitment to technical innovation and advancement through the unique combination of machine intelligence and human understanding.

ATOM provides:

  • Standardized job titles across multiple industries and geographies
  • Job, rate and time-to-fill benchmarks measured across industries, suppliers, job titles, geographies, and time
  • Labor and talent trends, predictive models and forecasts related to company spend and job demand
  • Structured data that can be visualized and analyzed by the data reporting platform of choice

In addition to helping your team understand current and historical rates, ATOM can help you predict future trends, helping you make—the who, when, where, how, and how much?—decisions required to win the war for talent.

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