Changing the game at Pfizer: How Direct Sourcing accelerates contingent labor transformation


Thursday, October 1 @ 2:00 PM EST

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Understanding the competitive advantage workforce agility can confer, Pfizer has leveraged technology to automate its contingent workforce capabilities. In this session, you will learn what Pfizer achieved by deploying Direct Sourcing as part of a multichannel sourcing strategy to transform its contingent labor program.

You will also hear about the “5 Pillars of Successful Direct Sourcing” and how Direct Sourcing helps Pfizer advance their program toward the goal of becoming a competitive differentiator for their company. 

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Meet our speakers

Emily Herrelko-Wrynn
Contingent Labor Operations Lead, Pfizer

Emily is Pfizer’s Operations Lead for Contingent Labor in the US & PR, overseeing activities and escalations in Pfizer’s Contingent Labor Programs for Contingent Labor, Payrolling, and Light Industrial. These programs also support the production ramp-up at Pfizer’s Kalamazoo plant toward an FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020. 

Emily has been a key contributor to the launch of an Employee Workforce Solution, simplifying the Drug and Background check process for Contingent Workers, as well as a Direct Sourcing channel within the Contingent Labor MSP program, leveraging freelance and independent contractor communities to fill contract roles at competitive rates. Emily holds an MBA from Fordham University, and Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management from Penn State.

Brian Hoffmeyer
SVP Market Strategies, Beeline

As Senior Vice President, Market Strategies for Beeline, Brian Hoffmeyer is responsible for our global partner ecosystem and ensures that all parties benefit from these highly strategic partnerships. As member of the Beeline strategy team Brian guides new product and market development activities. He is the eyes, ears, and voice of the company to the markets we serve. He listens to clients, prospects, analysts, and partners, and then works to incorporate their feedback into the organization’s brand and products. 

A Certified Contingent Workforce Management Professional (CCWP) with more than 15-years in the industry, Brian is passionate about helping clients, partners, and suppliers use the world’s most advanced and comprehensive contingent management and services procurement solutions to achieve their strategic business goals. 

Meet our moderator:

Justin Lumby
Chief Product Officer, TalentNet

Justin Lumby is a Partner & Chief Product Officer at TalentNet. TalentNet provides the world’s leading Enterprise Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform for direct sourcing and engagement of contingent workers, through a brand-attracted corporate talent pool. Justin is responsible for overseeing TalentNet’s product development, software engineering and strategic partnership integrations. Prior to joining TalentNet, Justin spent 10 years in corporate procurement and human resources strategy. 

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