How to build a data-driven contingent workforce strategy

As market conditions continue to evolve, many organizations are turning to flexible talent to access the skills they need while staying agile. But managing a contingent workforce is a complex task. Do you have a clear view of contingent spend throughout your organization? Does your current contingent workforce program adequately control costs and mitigate risks? […]

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How smarter talent sourcing can help you capture opportunities as the economy recovers (Sourcing Industry Group)

As we plan for a post-pandemic business environment, one thing is clear. Companies will recover at different speeds and to different degrees. Procurement can accelerate revival by delivering an agile, on-demand workforce aligned to changing corporate priorities. Download this webinar recording to learn how to take a much closer, more holistic look at the composition […]

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Direct Sourcing & Talent Pools

Beeline Direct Sourcing Solutions and Private Talent Pools

Direct Sourcing & Talent PoolsSearch for, negotiate with, and engage directly with non-employee talent. Forward-looking companies are leveraging both traditional staffing suppliers and a newer sourcing model, Direct Sourcing, to select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.Direct Sourcing is the action of finding and engaging talent for contract positions, […]

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