Training & Certification

Make the Most of Your Contingent Workforce Management System


At Beeline, we believe that training is a key factor in successful end-user adoption of a new and evolving program. Our approach to vendor management system (VMS) training is unique to the industry because it creates a more meaningful end-user experience.

We combine cutting-edge technology and service-driven people with the customized training organizations need to get the most value from their contingent workforce programs. By offering a blended learning approach, our training professionals facilitate a collaborative and smooth introduction to Beeline’s innovative contingent workforce management technology.

Customers Vouch for Our Training’s Effectiveness

The self-directed modules are AWESOME, and the guides are too!!!

- VMO Program Manager, Fortune 100 U.S. Retail Client

Your training team is truly world class—could not say enough good stuff about you all.

- VMO Program Manager, Fortune 500 U.S. Insurance Client

We are genuinely impressed by the level of commitment you put into training. Our teams are now well equipped to manage the program from a Beeline perspective. The whole training effort has been a success.

- Program Manager, Global Financial Services Firm

The Pontoon Project and Implementation team would like to sincerely the Beeline trainer for her very well structured, and organized client hiring manager training. She is a phenomenal resource and she made our day. Her delivery was executed flawlessly. Thank you so much!

- Program Director, Global Fortune 500 Financial Services Client

Customized Training Readiness Package

Each Beeline customer receives a Training Readiness Package tailored to their specific requirements. Beeline combines the right personnel, materials, and instruction to guide clients through every step of the process.

Our Training Readiness Package Includes:
Easy to use, self-guided training modules
Assigned training representative
Online help with smart search capabilities
Customized program office training
Curriculum review and preparation
Agendas and educational materials
Sample communication templates, process-related documents, and workflows
Hands-on learning experience

Benefits of Beeline Training

Training will provide your team and all VMS users with a better understanding of the flexibility within Beeline. Our software is fully dynamic, supporting organizational differences and processes, supply bases, and supplier management practices.

Training requirements customized to your workflow

Improve adoption among end users

Easily transition from your previous system to Beeline so you can focus on change management

Empower your organization with a deeper knowledge of the solution, which means fewer support calls

Identify potential issues before they become problems


Beeline Certification

Beeline System Certification (BSC) helps provide our clients and MSP partners with a thorough understanding of the Beeline and its related components. Through two levels of system certification, our customers receive training that enables them to use the Beeline system effectively.

Certification is a unique approach to helping program teams get the most out of their Beeline system and sets us apart from our competitors. Beginning with the self-guided module (Level I), users will learn key aspects of the tool, such as roles, basic workflows, and system and administrative functionality through a series of “see it, try it” and other hands-on exercises. The benefit of this method is that all users have an opportunity to learn at their own pace. This serves as a foundation for the more advanced Technical Services Level II training.

Level II training is a two-day, instructor-led course that covers advanced administrative functionality and reporting. At the end of this training, participants will have achieved a level of mastery of the Beeline solution, making them more comfortable in performing tasks in the VMS that are critical to their job. Upon successful completion, each participant becomes “Beeline System Certified.”

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Our Training Experts Deliver Confidence

Your team and all of your VMS users can be confident of our training and certification programs, since they are delivered by a dedicate team that has:

60 years of collective training experience

30 years in training on technology

    Conducted more than 2000 client training sessions since 2011

Trained more than 35000 end users

Provided training for more than 350 implementations

Delivered training to more than 250 clients

Supplied training to clients across the globe in multiple regions, including:

North America



Latin America

Worked with clients in a variety of industries, including:


Oil & Gas


Financial Services


Training by Role

To meet your company’s training and business objectives, Beeline also offers targeted training for each user type who interacts with the application. This approach allows us to achieve a higher level of knowledge retention compared to traditional static training methods. When you work with your Beeline representative, agendas will be provided to you that cover specifically what actions the user would take in the system.

Choose the Training Options that are Best for You

At Beeline, we understand that every client has unique training needs and we place a high degree of emphasis on both initial and ongoing education. This includes making sure your team understands the functionality of the system and the most effective way to use it. Prior to beginning the training process, a member of the Beeline training team will consult with you to ensure that your company’s specific needs are addresses, to arrange for optimal delivery and seamless transition to the Beeline technology. To reach the broadest client audience possible, Beeline leverages state-of-the-art online training methods for most end users. Other training options including on-site training, elearning modules and system recordings are available.