Traitify + Beeline

Regions Supported: U.S.

Benefit: Clone Your Best Talent In 90 Seconds Flat. Traitify uses human interaction with images to create the fastest validated talent assessments in the market. They’re mobile, easy and go beyond just selection.

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Company Overview

Contingent hiring teams have ignored assessing a candidate's soft skills (personality, behavioral competencies, cognitive ability, etc.) because it slows down the hiring process.

Traitify is the world’s premier candidate screening assessment for high-volume hiring. The assessment provides Hiring Managers, MSPs, and program users insights on Traitify’s Big Five Personality traits to help them assess a candidate’s soft skills, culture fit, and more.

Beeline's integration with Traitify, the world’s premiere candidate screening assessment for high volume hiring, makes a personality assessment available for hiring managers to review in Beeline's Candidate Evaluation workflow.