VeriKlick + Beeline

Regions Supported: US, Canada, EMEA, APAC, Australia, LATAM

Benefit: Find and verify the right hire, faster. VeriKlick provides total talent management with the power of verified resources and vendor pool in a single platform.

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Company Overview

The VeriKlick platform is a total talent management tool to Direct Source your active requisitions and streamline your workflow. VeriKlick is a unique and flexible platform which can be configured to meet your specific program requirements.

VeriKlick is an AI Powered self-service application which can be integrated with your VMS or ATS systems. VeriKlick can optimize your search capabilities by identifying the best qualified talent for your company. VeriKlick is the perfect choice for verified candidate sourcing capability including sourcing profiles from a single platform populated with multiple vendors. These vendors will support your open requisitions leveraged with VeriKlick's advanced verification technology.