Leveraging brand power:
How Direct Sourcing fits Facebook's plans for engaging contingent talent


Tuesday, Feb 2 @ 2 PM SGT

Event information:

Powerful brands help companies attract top talent, and this can work for sourcing contingent workers as well as recruiting new employees. Join this webinar to hear about Facebook’s journey into direct sourcing. If you’re considering a similar path, you’ll want to hear what direct sourcing means to Facebook’s contingent labor program, what they’ve learned along the way, and what they’re trying to achieve with their direct sourcing strategy.

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Meet our speakers

Colin McDonagh
International Contingent Workforce Business Partner Manager, Facebook
Colin has over ten years’ experience in the staffing industry. He leads the International Contingent Workforce Team at Facebook who ensure that Facebooks values and culture come to life, so that Facebook can attract and engage the best contingent talent in the world. Colin is responsible for designing and implementing Facebooks direct sourcing strategy.
Ross Vincent
Solution Design Engineer, Beeline
Ross Vincent supports all sales activity in the APAC region, including consulting potential clients to understand their business needs, ensuring that the Beeline delivers the optimum solution, supporting tender submissions, presenting to prospects, and Implementation Sponsor and Project Management.
Phil Cooper
VP Global Client Strategy, TalentNet
Phil Cooper helps clients determine the best approach for their contingent workforce programs, consulting specifically on talent pooling and direct-sourcing software & delivery. He works closely with TalentNet’s clients and prospects to enable technology efficiencies, best practice adoption and helps deliver results through direct-sourcing.

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