Credible: Supplier & Buyer Networking

In most industries, making contact with potential business partners can be an overwhelming task. With so many options available — emails, letters, texts, web inquiries, social media posts, phone calls — most attempts to develop a connection get lost in the shuffle. In the workforce management industry, staffing suppliers are searching for a way to make meaningful connections with buyers. And buyers would like to find the right supplier match. That process may have just gotten a little easier with Credible.


Credible, a Beeline innovation, connects procurement and HR teams with thousands of human capital service providers in a stress-free business networking platform.

With Credible, suppliers can showcase their services to the world’s top companies through comprehensive online profiles and request connections. Buyers of supplier services (workforce management teams, contingent category managers, MSPs and more) can accept connections with suppliers they are interested in working with who can potentially deliver the resources they need.


For Buyers:

  • Manage connections with suppliers, on your own time and on your own terms. Setting up an account is free and can be shared with team members. Credible offers your workforce management team a single location to manage supplier requests for business.
  • Easily research suppliers of interest, tag favorites, and create saved lists. The supplier database is sort-able by location, industry, specialty, diversity status, small business status, and government clearance level as well as government contracts compliant
  • The Credible Peer Review process helps you learn more about staffing providers based on user experience


For Suppliers:

  • Stand out with the right combination of branding and credibility, and be in the right place at the right time when decision makers need your services.
  • Setting up an account is free, then you can select different pricing models to build your presence on Credible. Create profiles with contact information, imagery, video and more to showcase your services to potential buyers.
  • Send connection requests to buyers to start building relationships.
  • Use demand data to identify roles by location and get market rate benchmarks


Suppliers, start telling your stories to a buyer audience. With Credible, Suppliers can be heard and Buyers can listen in a harmonious setting.

Visit and become part of this in-credible networking environment.

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