Talent Acquisition: Self-Sourcing & Talent Pools

Search For, Negotiate With, And Engage Directly With Non-Employee Talent

More and more businesses are striving to own a direct relationship with its talent to not only reduce the time to fill open roles and project positions, but to also enhance control over the ‘match’ between non-employee workers and the requirements of various enterprise initiatives.

Christopher Dwyer CPO Rising

Forward-looking companies are leveraging both traditional staffing suppliers and a new sourcing model involving Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools to select and engage the right talent, at the right time, at the right price.

Self-sourcing is the action of finding and engaging talent for contract positions, not through traditional staffing suppliers, but through direct access from your Vendor Management System (VMS) to internal and external talent pools.

Our proactive approach is unique because we continuously search for and engage with skilled professionals who are good matches for your organization; long before a contract job opportunity is ever opened.

Acquire Better Talent Faster, At Lower Cost

  • Attract professionals with higher pay rates and lower bill rates
  • Lower the cost of talent by up to 35 percent or more
  • Reduce time to fill by 50 percent or more
  • Expand your access to high-quality talent

For professionals in our network, we use multiple data points and our proprietary matching algorithm to identify those who best match your specific job openings. We also eliminate unqualified talent so you can trust the candidates you receive are vetted and qualified for your positions.

It's ridiculously easy to use. With Self-Sourcing and Talent Pools, companies find great talent without the risks of online marketplaces or the cost of traditional staffing.

Colleen Tiner, SVP Strategy

Talent can include freelancers, former employees, retirees, consultants, “silver-medalist” job applicants, and others available within an internal talent pool or our broader public network, or freelancer management systems.

We aim to provide the best experience for both buyers and talent—giving you the ability to self-source known talent and tap into talent you may not be seeing today. As a result, you can:

  • Acquire talent for about 35 percent less than supplier-sourced
  • Meet all your compliance requirements
  • Improve your time to productivity—without adding more resources to manage more platforms
  • Provide the same—if not better—quality of talent
  • Have complete visibility of all your talent in one place—your VMS—not just supplier-sourced, but self-sourced talent as well
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