Start your program with a strong foundation and build ongoing success with our solution for managing contingent staffing — designed to fit your contingent worker needs now and in the future.

Automating the process of sourcing and managing contingent workers, both professional staffing and temporary staffing, is the most common starting point for optimizing a contingent workforce program. Select a contingent staffing solution that works for you – whether you outsource your program to one or more MSPs, use a master vendor, run it internally, or use a hybrid model, we can easily configure the optimal processes, workflows, rules, and policies for your organization.

  • Improve the service you provide to your business by streamlining processes to save time and money, and reduce human error.
  • Generate cost savings by enabling supplier competition and market rates.
  • Obtain better quality candidates from a healthy, well-managed supplier base.
  • Reduce invoicing mistakes and manual reconciliation with consolidated supplier invoices.
  • Simplify even the most complex tax rules and legislative regulations with configurable business rules and billing schedules.
  • Realize volume and early payment discounts automatically.
  • Reduce risk by enforcing worker background checks, organizational policies, and supplier compliance.
  • Empower your users with information to help them make better decisions. Embedded analytics, such as key performance indicators, ‘Did You Know?’ facts, and alerts give users relevant and important information in the moment.
  • Increase user adoption and minimize resistance to change by providing a simple user experience where most users can do everything from their home page.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by integrating with security, accounts payable (AP), human resources (HRIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP). and other enterprise systems.

Contingent Staffing Solution Features & Benefits

With our Contingent Staffing solution, you will have full support for automating your contingent workers, including temporary labor and professional services – giving you a true advantage. Beeline VMS has everything you need to automate all categories of your flexible workforce. Delivered through a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, we provide a full spectrum of trusted solutions.

Procurement and Sourcing

By procuring and sourcing contingent staff through our VMS, you get access to a more competitive market for flexible talent with greater visibility and measurability. Through vendor-neutral sourcing, approved suppliers receive job requisitions based on rules predefined by you. They respond with potential candidates who, in turn, follow your qualification processes. Beeline VMS automatically facilitates this competitive model, which results in lower time-to-fill ratios, higher quality candidates, more competitive pricing, and overall improved supplier performance.

Time and Expense

We can help you automate your timesheet and expense report submission and approval process; this includes email and mobile capabilities. Our system has the flexibility to manage various rate types (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and can handle domestic as well as international requirements.

Billing and Payment

Our system works and adjusts to regional and local complexities, and we understand the dynamic nature of a global workforce. We can handle invoicing complexities, including the proper handling of VAT tax at the right invoice level and providing all VAT-compliant printable documents to support the legal entity to legal entity billing. We can also automate the pay-to-bill model and support coefficients, as well as support cross-border tax-exempt suppliers.

Reporting and Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools give unparalleled visibility into your organization’s contingent staff data. We offer diverse reporting options that empower your company to provide the valuable metrics, key indicators, and accurate information necessary to manage day-to-day activities within your program effectively and efficiently. Our interactive visual analytics allow you to identify trends in your data and make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights. This simplifies your processes, reduces costs, and most importantly, increases quality.

As your workforce grows and business objectives change, we are ready to support you. Learn about additional solutions for your non-employee workforce:

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