The value of any business intelligence platform is its ability to provide actionable information that drives good strategic decision-making.

Get powerful analytics embedded into your business process at critical decision points as well as complete program visibility and metrics from traditional reporting and advanced data visualizations. Gain visibility into potential cost savings and quality improvement opportunities with our comprehensive, easy-to-use analytic and business intelligence tools, including our interactive data discovery platform, SmartView®.

Your program data contains an important story and our workforce analytics help you tell it.

Targeted, Customizable Workforce Analytics Data

Have confidence that you are running your program based on facts, not assumptions. Explore, manipulate, analyze, interpret, and understand your data in order to make the best business decisions about your flexible workforce.

We provide the sophisticated analysis tools and specialized expertise to deliver precisely the information and insight to get the most value from your flexible workforce. Our flexible workforce analytics provides more than headcounts, demographics, vendor rate cards, and the supplier data required to make tactical decisions. We provide the analytics to anticipate trends, identify improvements, manage risk, and seize strategic opportunities.

The right analytics tools enable better decision-making.

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards
  • Industry standard reports
  • Contextual analytics embedded in end user processes
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Dynamic charts and graphs
  • Intuitive Report Builder for easy, custom reports
  • Report gallery with tagging for easy report discovery
  • Advanced SmartView® visualizations

Beeline won Computerworld magazine’s 2012 award for “Best of BI.”

As your workforce grows or business objectives change, we can help lead the way. Learn about additional solutions for your non-employee workforce:

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