Seamlessly track your non-employees that fall into special categories that resist altering the sourcing process. You can also reduce risk and add value to your organization by incorporating the often-overlooked service workers into your overall program.

Many companies cannot achieve full compliance when it comes to special categories of non-employees, such as former executives on retainer, countries, or business units that resist changes to the sourcing process, service workers (e.g. janitors, landscapers, security guards, etc.), and other unique cases. You can overcome barriers to full compliance by incorporating non-employee resources that fall into these special categories, regardless of labor type, location, or circumstance, to get the tracking you need without disruption.

With Resource Tracking, you can:

  • Quantify unmanaged spend easily on all non-employees that are not sourced through the program.
  • Know all workers, and their suppliers, with access to your data, systems, and buildings.
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies by automating onboarding and offboarding processes for every labor type.
  • Expose and mitigate tenure and other policy risks related to previously untracked resources.
  • Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all non-employee resources.
  • Validate non-employees regularly to ensure they are not maintaining badge and/or system access longer than necessary.
  • Identify the relationship between non-employees and their suppliers in one easy step.

Features & Benefits

Resource Tracking is a simple alternative to full sourcing automation to enable compliance, full headcount visibility, and visibility to all your supplier engagements.

Spend Tracking

View details about your spend. The Resource Tracking solution contains streamlined processes and preset dashboards that collect bill rates, assignment duration, and planned and/or actual work hours to estimate total unmanaged spend.

Resource Management

Capture auditable information in a centralized repository for all non-employee workers who have access to your physical and intellectual assets. Your organization defines the business rules that control the flow of workers through the engagement, creation, and expiration cycle. This functionality contains several features, including resource headcount, bulk upload to resource pool, amendments, extensions, and more.


Ensure compliance with your organizational policies through the automation of onboarding activities, such as background checks, asset management, and access management. Onboarding contains several features, including third-party background check integration, HRIS system integration, onboarding notifications, alerts, and more.


Automate your offboarding processes for properly terminating workers. Beeline’s Offboarding functionality contains several features, including HRIS system integration (e.g., initiate deactivation of building access), offboarding notifications, alerts, and more.


Ensure due diligence through the automation of compliance processes. Compliance contains several features, including background check requirements and tracking, tenure requirements and enforcement, credentialing, and more.


Validate that your non-employee workers are still engaged through the supplier on file. This functionality provides automation of the process for suppliers to verify that all your non-employee workers are still active. It also allows you to set deadlines for your suppliers to respond to your requests. Recertification contains several features, including supplier request for validation, recertification workflow, and more.

Supplier Access Agreement

Establish a secure connection with suppliers. The Resource Tracking solution requires suppliers to accept the Supplier Access Terms, a click-through agreement presented at login (the first time they log in) before access is granted. Supplier access agreement contains several features, including online agreement, date/time acceptance, and more.

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