Workspend + Beeline

Regions Supported: US, Canada, EMEA, APAC, Australia, LATAM

Benefit: Workspend’s talent solutions are modular and customized to be specifically configured to meet the objectives and needs of our customers as they look to achieve cost savings, visibility, mitigate risk, increased quality and drive overall efficiencies with the contingent labor portion of their overall labor strategy.

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Company Overview

Workspend is a global leader in providing innovative talent supply chain solutions to mid-market and enterprise-level clients and the public sector. Through our expansive reach and extensive experience, we deliver highly-customized, outcomes-focused solutions. Workspend was built on the premise of “MSP-by-design”, a unique, modularized, approach to managed services that focuses on the components of your MSP program and how it fits and evolves near- and long- term with your other labor categories.

Workspend is a contemporary talent solutions provider and MSP that focuses on quality and user experience as a key aspect of each client program that we implement. We are highly engaged with every single program we manage and ensure that our solutions meet/exceed our client’s objectives. With our ongoing program improvement approach, we ensure that we are constantly driving value to our clients and partners. As a provider of MSP solutions, we work closely with our partners as we make significant investment in innovation to meet today’s very dynamic labor market.