Manage external talent with a VMS built for you.

Organizations depend on contingent talent for flexibility and agility. But with the ever-expanding use of contingent talent, they need an easy way to automate sourcing and management of these resources. Our complimentary fact sheet outlines how a fast-deploying, easy-to-operate vendor management system (VMS) can help reduce the risk and increase efficiency of your contingent workforce program. 

In this fact sheet you will:

  • Read about the 5 key benefits of contingent workforce automation 
  • Learn how to capture hard and soft dollar savings for a quick return on your investment
  • Understand why businesses use VMS to source and manage their contingent workforce

If you are still managing contingent labor manually, with spreadsheets and email communications, you are opening the door to unnecessary costs, erroneous data, and compliance violations. Now there is a fast-deploying, easy-to-operate VMS that can deliver immediate improvements in workforce visibility, efficiency, and compliance.

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