We honor the beautiful legacy of Tim Payne, father of Beeline.

We Honor The Beautiful Legacy Of Tim Payne, Father Of Beeline.

How diversity, equity & inclusion are changing talent acquisition.

Download the latest report from Gartner to learn creative talent acquisition strategies in IT.

How technology is modernizing sourcing and procurement processes.

Download the latest report from Gartner to understand the business impact and benefits of external workforce procurement.

Workforce Management Resources

Explore our library of Beeline and industry resources to learn how forward-looking organizations acquire talent, manage contingent labor, and optimize their external workforces.

A leader is known by the
company it keeps.

We’re proud to have served these amazing companies
for more than a decade.

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Next-generation solutions that improve your workforce agility

Beeline was built to manage today’s – and tomorrow’s – workforce challenges. Driven by data science and incorporating innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and machine learning, Beeline is the only Extended Workforce Platform that can fully automate your talent acquisition and contingent workforce management processes. In addition, its powerful embedded analytics turn data into insights to help you make better workforce management decisions.

Resource Tracking

Are you ready for an audit that covers all contingent workers?


Are you making it easy for approvers to be responsive?


Is your team fully equipped to manage the the contingent workforce effectively?

Direct Sourcing

Are you positioned to be the “client of choice” for contract workers?

Services Procurement

How much risk, overspending,
supplier shortfalls, and poorly written contracts is your company exposed to today?

Global Compliance

Does your global strategy ensure compliance in all locations where you have contingent workers?

Analysts proclaim Beeline
is leading the way:

When inspired teams work together, anything is possible. We take pride in our powerful technology and our trusted software solutions. More importantly, we take pride in our people. Our customers thrive because of the commitment we make to their success.

Spend Matters

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Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners sees the Vendor Management System (VMS) as a key solution for this transformation.
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The Future of Procurement Technology: Mediocrity Is No Longer Acceptable
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A platform that cares about talent

We bring a genuine care and commitment for our customers and to our innovative solutions. People are driving your business forward—enable them with a technology that cares. See why companies make the switch to Beeline. Some providers tout their size. Others tout their innovation. You can actually have both in a contingent workforce partner. Contact us today to learn more.

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