Beeline Extended Workforce Platform

Today, organizations need an agile, scalable Vendor Management System (VMS) solution that allows for a total workforce approach. Beyond workforce planning, you need to access top talent, engage and manage that talent appropriately, and ensure they are classified correctly, mitigating risk from ever-changing legislation that impacts non-employee labor.

With market-leading VMS functionality at its core, Beeline’s cloud-based Extended Workforce Platform is built on the latest technologies available. It adds powerful layers of intelligence, connectivity, and experience, to better address the complexities of modern external workforce management. It also provides total workforce visibility and compliance – a true end-to-end solution.

While VMS solutions are crucial to successfully managing contingent workforce programs, Beeline recognizes that a VMS alone cannot adequately support the growing strategic importance of the extended workforce, global competition for talent, surge of technology innovation, heightened focus on personal data ownership, and talent diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

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