Extended Workforce Platform

The most trusted platform for your extended workforce

As companies increasingly rely on non-employee workers, new challenges arise.

Today, nearly 50% of a company’s total workforce is comprised of external talent. Managing this large contingent workforce creates risks - companies must navigate complex employment laws and regulations. At the same time, companies need access to detailed insights about their external talent to engage them effectively. This requires a separate, compliant approach to managing non-employees, distinct from full-time employees, one that bridges the gap between oversight and understanding - presenting an urgent need for contingent workforce management solutions.

Beeline Extended Workforce Platform provides a comprehensive answer.

Beeline's cloud-based platform centralizes contingent workforce management, enabling companies to overcome compliance and analytics hurdles. It serves the entire extended workforce by connecting the millions of people who get work done to the thousands of suppliers and companies that need them with fit-for-purpose solutions. Whether you’re looking to modernize how you manage your large complex extended workforce or are just now reaching the point where you need a light-weight easy-to-activate technology solution to help you manage your growing extended workforce, Beeline provides solutions for programs and companies of all sizes.