Meaningful User Experience

Efficiency is critical for the success of your business. Beeline takes a user-centered design approach to all of our products. Let us show you the future of your extended workforce management.


Beeline Hiring Manager Experience

Complete tasks anywhere, anytime
  • Critical tasks in 5 apps on one launchpad
  • Quick searches and fewer clicks reduce time-to-fill
  • Guided tour to improve user experience and drive adoption
  • Quick insights empower timely and informed decision-making
  • Freedom to work on any device, any web browser, anywhere
Benefits include:
  • Increased end user adoption and satisfaction
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics tailored to fit your user's needs
  • Minimal instruction, allowing your users to save time and maximize productivity
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Value-driven technology

If you manage a contingent workforce program, you need a technology that is powerful, easy to use, and creates value for every person who interacts with it. Beeline has engineered highly personalized experiences by understanding each user’s mindset, the work to be done, and how data from that work rolls up into meaningful and valuable analytics.


See the difference for yourself

Beeline is known industry-wide for having the best UX. We strive to create value for every person that interacts with our technology. Our team of expert designers, in collaboration with users, has leveraged deep industry expertise to put the right functionality at the fingertips of workers, hiring managers, MSPs, and suppliers.

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