About Beeline

Our Vision

Every person, given the right opportunity, is capable of greatness.

Every business, given the right talent, is capable of superior outcomes.

Our Mission

Beeline’s trusted platform connects businesses to the remarkable talent within the global extended workforce.


Over 48% of Beeline's staff is dedicated to client-facing roles that contribute directly to customer


75% of our Relationship Managers have previous program management, consulting, or MSP experience


Over 125 professionals in 9 centers of excellence dedicated to client services and technical support

Don't just take our word for it

Experience matters. So does our desire to boldly push the envelope even further and give our customers a competitive advantage.

When we were evaluating various VMS’s in the marketplace, there was something about the entire [Beeline] team that was different than their competitors. In the end, we picked the team that we felt most connected with and would be standing at the alter with us once we went live.
Bank of New York Mellon
In this evolving world of work and talent, it is critical that technology solutions consistently innovate to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. Beeline is able to do that by keeping a sharp focus on solving only one issue - the way businesses engage their people. With its agile platform, Beeline truly enables its customers to venture into the Future of Work.
— Chris Dwyer, Ardent Partners
What I like about Beeline, besides the technology obviously, is the company and company culture. I have worked with Beeline for 6+ years and whenever we have issues the company is willing to listen, address the issues, and solve the issues. That to me, is truly a partnership.
When things don’t go right, and no matter how great of a partner you have, there are going to be times when things don’t exactly line up; who do you want to be in the trenches with? I feel like from top to bottom, Beeline supports their customers and is there to figure out how to move them forward, and for me, that’s invaluable.
Choosing a technology provider can be a career-making — or breaking — decision. We wanted proven technology, but technology that got us excited about the future – both in terms of where the company was headed, and where its technology could take us. Beeline is that right mix of being the safe choice, but also taking smart risks that allow for really impressive customer programs.
Global Communications Company

Beeline's leadership team

Our executive leadership team is committed to assembling the best talent in the industry and empowering our teams to support each of our customers with the most innovative technology and unparalleled client service throughout their programs’ life cycle.

Doug Leeby

Chief Executive Officer

Autumn Vaupel

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Madden

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Pulley

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Lewis

Chief Revenue Officer

Teresa Creech

Chief Corporate Development Officer

Colleen Tiner

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Ron Litton

Executive Vice President, Global Sales