VMS Landscape & Differentiators 2020 - Staffing Industry Analysts

January 5, 2021

Since the emergence of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) more than 20 years ago, the technology has evolved from a system of record for sourcing contingent workers through staffing agencies (vendors) to complete solutions for sourcing service contracts (Statement of Work) and direct sourcing via private talent pools or online marketplaces.

This report, which includes detailed information about 17 providers:

  • Examines the global landscape of the VMS market
  • Identifies benefits of VMS adoption including case studies
  •  Summarizes key innovations and investments
  • Outlines the geographic footprint of providers

Download this free industry report to:

  • Read about key trends in the VMS marketplace
  • Learn the differences between spend-focused VMS solutions where the contingent workforce is considered a category of spend to be managed, and talent-focused VMS solutions that treat contingent workers primarily as dynamic components of an agile workforce
  • Understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the major VMS solution providers

With increasing sophistication, buyers now expect contingent workforce programs to prove their value beyond cost saving and visibility. There has been a rise in demand for meaningful data analytics, benchmarks, and insights to inform sourcing decisions and improve efficiency.

Technologies within the workforce ecosystem are evolving, overlapping, or integrating to enable the sourcing, visibility, and management of any worker type, in any region.

This development poses a challenge to buyers who have invested in earlier contingent workforce technologies, whose future strategy may be constrained by the capabilities of incumbent systems to evolve or integrate with emerging solutions.

As a result, buyers should consider their existing technology stack and their business’ wider technology strategy when selecting a VMS provider.

For more details, download this Industry Report.

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