Treat talent like customers to build a community of brand ambassadors ready to fill your contingent labor needs.


Benefit: WorkLLama is the direct sourcing solution that takes the candidate experience to the next level. With highly customized candidate journeys that nurtures them every step of the way; from the moment they are attracted to join your talent pool, to the first assignment and every re-engagement, WorkLLama creates engaged talent communities while delivering cost savings and reduced time to fill.

Partnership Contact:

WorkLLama is an AI-driven, talent acquisition and talent relationship management platform for direct sourcing that provides company branded, personalized, and memorable experiences to talent throughout the employment journey.

From the beginning of their job search to the end of their assignment with you and beyond, your talent will enjoy a humanized experience with your brand—just like your customers do.

WorkLLama’s platform has a wide array of features that seamlessly integrates with Beeline:

  1. Talent marketing providing a personalized brand experience (like Amazon or Netflix) to attract today’s discerning candidates
  2. Branded mobile app delivering candidates with a simple way to explore and apply for opportunities
  3. Conversational AI-driven bot engaging with candidates to support and nurture them in every experience with your brand
  4. Dynamic talent pooling ensures you have the right skilled talent ready to fill your contingent positions
  5. Robust referral system immediately activates a crowd-sourced referral program that quickly grows your talent community
  6. Shift management along with credentialing addresses the unique challenges when attempting to fill any number of open shifts
  7. Automated communications (SMS/text, push, chat, and email) interact with talent on their terms while ensuring they receive the most important messages