Beeline Acuity

Uncover vital workforce statistics, diminish risks, and drive workforce strategies

A total workforce strategy is nearly impossible to achieve without full visibility into your contingent workforce. Today, nearly 50% of the extended workforce is not in a single system of record like a vendor management system (VMS), prohibiting you from fully actualizing the value of workforce visibility and compliance.

Beeline Acuity is the first compliance and analytics engine to intelligently combine, identify, and understand all employee and non-employee data for true total workforce visibility. It provides vital workforce statistics and risk signals in easy-to-understand dashboards and guided workflows by combining workforce data from disparate sources –including your VMS, HRIS, eProcurement systems, and more.

Benefits include:
  • Full visibility into your workforce
  • Proactively reducing risk with automated risk detection, alert monitoring, and resolution workflows
  • Cross-platform analytics for actionable insights into risks, rogue spend and cost savings
  • Seamless integrations with existing systems, transforming fragmented information into a cohesive view to elevate decision-making
  • A smoother adoption of HR, contingent workforce, and procurement sourcing processes from the start with configurable guidance to the proper path
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A complete picture of the workforce

An overlay to all your systems of record, Beeline Acuity brings them together to provide a complete picture of the workforce. These total workforce statistics, compliance traceability, and strategic insights facilitate strategic workforce planning and build alignment and collaboration between procurement, risk, finance, and HR decision-makers.

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