Procurement Trends and Predictions – Ardent Partners webinar

Each January, the research team at Ardent Partners reviews the primary research they have conducted over the past 24 months. They identify the big trends that have impacted procurement in that time, and discuss them in a roundtable with industry executives who help to predict the trends most likely to impact procurement in the year ahead. The webinar covered many topics that are important for Contingent Workforce Managers, Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement pros to consider. This year’s trends included Globalization & Global Sourcing, and Isolationism & Protectionism, leading to predictions involving New Government Trade Policies & Regulations, new Corporate Security Risks, The Future of Work, and more. Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How trade wars can increase security risks
  • Which emerging technologies will most affect procurement
  • Why adaptation and HR/Procurement collaboration are the top trends in Contingent Workforce Management
Presented by: Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer Christopher J. Dwyer, Vice President, Research Ardent Partners Executive roundtable members: Amy Woodham, Director of Product Management, Beeline Vishal Patel, Director of Solutions Marketing, Tradeshift

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