Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) VMS Market Developments Report—Part 1: Drivers, Innovations, and Geographical Capability

Staffing Industry Analysts’ VMS Market Developments Report for 2016 will be released in three parts. Part One discusses SIA’s recognition of three distinct VMS evolutionary “waves,” including supplier centric, talent centric, and marketplace centric waves. As talent scarcity heightens with low employment levels, SIA believes that buyers will be even more agnostic as to how work gets done.
  • Understand the top VMS drivers and benefits and read six case studies that highlight those drivers and benefits
  • Read more about the VMS vendor landscape, including recent merger and acquisition activity in the industry
  • Learn about new VMS developments and offerings from various VMS providers
  • Understand which VMS providers have specific geographical capabilities or a single region focus
The report ends with an in-depth profile of each VMS provider who participated in SIA’s survey and submitted sufficient data to qualify for inclusion in this report. Contingent workforce leaders and stakeholders can use this report to understand how different VMS providers are positioned in the market, identify the predominant model(s) being used, and identify strengths and weaknesses of certain suppliers. This report also helps organizations recognize the most recent trends about the evolution of contingent workforce management and identify providers who have an established presence in a certain geographical market.

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