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Contingent Staffing, Direct Sourcing, Regional Solutions, and Resource Tracking

Services Procurement and
Workforce Intelligence

Contingent Staffing with Beeline Direct Sourcing, Regional Solutions, and Resource Tracking

Learn how Beeline can help you acquire top-tier talent you need to compete and succeed in an on-demand world.  In this session, we take you through our contingent staffing offering,  showing both the opportunity to use traditional suppliers as well as Beeline Direct Sourcing; working with you to determine the right mix of sourcing channels based on your needs.  Only need to know who, what, when, where your workers are?  We also take you through streamlined product offerings including Resource Tracking and our Regional Solutions ensuring you have a precise count of who has access to your data, systems, and facilities, no matter where they are located.

Services Procurement and Workforce Intelligence

As you expand the management and control of your non-employee workforce, learn how our Services Procurement solution offers scalable functionality to support your project-based initiatives. With its centralized view of all stages, from negotiation and sourcing, through engagement management to invoice and payment, our Services Procurement solution gives you the right tools and insight to manage the entire process. Tying together the entire Contingent Workforce Management tools available in the VMS, we show you how our Workforce Intelligence tools allow you (your clients) to capture insights on program data, helping to create comprehensive and accurate data sets over time and to review and explore underlying data.

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