Beeline Extended Workforce Platform Yields 158% ROI, Reveals Total Economic Impact™ Study

JACKSONVILLE, FL – October 27, 2021 - Beeline, the leading technology solution provider for managing the extended workforce, announced a new commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealing 158% return on investment (ROI) when deploying Beeline Extended Workforce Platform to manage the extended workforce. Forrester Consulting interviewed and analyzed responses from leading companies in the financial services, oil and energy, and retail industries.

Currently representing 47% of the total workforce, the extended, or contingent, workforce offers more strategic value than ever before, yet many organizations struggle to track, understand, and optimize it. After interviewing companies that utilize Beeline, Forrester Consulting revealed the following benefits based on a composite organization:

  • Overall cost savings: $12.14M in benefits over three years. After adjusting for costs, net
    present value (NPV) equates to $7.44M
  • Quick ROI: Payback (breakeven point) in less than 90 days
  • Faster access to talent: 28% reduction in annual time to secure approval for costs, budget,
    and new extended workforce talent
  • Talent cost optimization: $11.8M direct cost reduction over three years due to visibility
    into rate cards
  • Budget efficiency: $233.1K savings in improved efficiency of extended workforce budget
    approval and hiring over three years
  • Risk mitigation: 95% reduction in manual errors
  • Invoice accuracy: $61.7K in saved costs from improved invoice accuracy over three years

According to the study, before implementing Beeline Extended Workforce Platform, “The interviewees’ organizations had made significant financial investments in their extended workforces, but they could neither understand nor unleash the true power of that contingent workforce. The companies needed a tool that could push past traditional vendor management systems and deliver the right tools, intelligence, connectivity, and user experience to help them see into the future. Without visibility into their contingent labor, companies were unable to combat rising labor costs and lacked access to agile talent.”

A contract systems supervisor in the oil and energy industry said, “When I think back on it, I just can’t imagine that we were operating that way, but every single contract that we had was written per individual staff contractor. There was no sight into what the spend was, and that was primarily the goal for implementing Beeline – to gain sight on expenses and time reporting.”

The study found that after investing in Beeline, customers experienced a streamlined, automated process for acquiring contingent workers, efficiencies in both onboarding and offboarding, and the resolve of data inaccuracies. Customers noted how Beeline Extended Workforce Platform allowed them to consolidate their supplier base, ensure they met compliance regulations, and avoid
overpayment on completed work and talent.

Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO, said, “External workers are a critical component of the modern workforce. Companies must achieve full visibility into all workers if they expect to compete in today’s business climate. We feel these statistics are powerful examples of what’s possible when unlocking the value of the extended workforce through Beeline.”

To access the complete study, click here.

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