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Beeline Named a Leader and Star Performer by Everest Group’s Vendor Management System (VMS) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 - Global

Recognized for strong global market impact, comprehensive solutions, and market-leading analytics capabilities


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 04, 2024/PRNewswire/ -- Beeline, the foremost technology solution provider for managing the global extended workforce, proudly announces its designation by Everest Group as a Leader and Star Performer in the global category of its Vendor Management System (VMS) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.   

Out of the 20+ companies evaluated, Beeline has been positioned by Everest Group as the highest designated Leader for Market Impact globally and in both North America and EMEA. This marks the fourth consecutive year of Beeline's Leader recognition, alongside consistent acknowledgment as a Star Performer since the category's inception by Everest Group. This underscores Beeline's enduring leadership and innovative prowess. 

Beeline's distinction as a Star Performer underscores the company’s exceptional market impact, continuously delivering substantial value to clients, as corroborated by positive buyer feedback. Per the report, this includes “API-based architecture to allow seamless integration.” In 2023 alone, Beeline secured many new market deals, reaffirming its position as a trusted provider of managed spend solutions. 

Moreover, Beeline has made continuous strides in capabilities, exemplifying its dedication to innovation and client satisfaction. The introduction of Beeline Professional, tailored for small and mid-market companies, epitomizes Beeline’s commitment to meeting diverse client needs. Additionally, enhancements to the Beeline Acuity platform offer organizations actionable insights, while the launch of the Beeline Supplier Network streamlines procurement processes, showcasing Beeline's ongoing evolution and client-centric approach. 

"Beeline's launch of Beeline Professional tailored for mid-market buyers, coupled with the introduction of the Beeline Supplier Network to help enterprises connect with new suppliers, has cemented Beeline’s position as a Leader and Star Performer on Everest Group's Global VMS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024,” says Everest Group Vice President, Krishna Charan. “These developments, along with investments in JoinedUp for shift-based workforce management, Beeline Acuity module for total talent visibility, and AI/ML partnerships for candidate screening and analytics, highlight Beeline's commitment to addressing the ever-changing needs of its clientele."   

Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO said, "The results from Everest Group emphasize the importance of contingent workforce solutions for improved overall workforce management. Beeline's significant investments in product development, our outstanding service methodology, and strategic partnerships are evident in our Leader and Star Performer accolades. We remain committed to advancing our technology to prepare customers for the rapidly changing dynamics of the global extended workforce." 

To request a copy of Everest Group’s 2024 Vendor Management System (VMS) PEAK Matrix® Assessment, please visit our website.


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