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JoinedUp Grows Bookings 75% Year-Over-Year

JoinedUp technology managing international shift-based workforces, boosting productivity 27% and increasing bottom line by 35%

LONDON, 23 February 2023 -- JoinedUp, the leading provider of software to manage the growing shift-based workforce, has grown its bookings 75% year-over-year. JoinedUp attributes its growth to the heightened demand for shift-based labor across country lines and the desire to increase efficiencies in managing this critical workforce segment.

In 2022, the company moved to a global focus and entered new vertical markets. With a strong foundation in the United Kingdom of both staffing firms and enterprise customers, JoinedUp has successfully grown its footprint to now serve clients in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Additionally, over the past year, the company has expanded into new industries, most notably hospitality, and logistics.

“In our current era of work, businesses are increasingly relying on temporary shift-based labor to fully staff their operations and meet fluctuating customer demands across country lines,” said Autumn Vaupel, Chief Operating Officer, Beeline. “International companies face the challenge of managing this segment of the workforce with multiple time zones, currencies, compliance, and labor laws. We attribute JoinedUp’s recent growth to companies taking action to automate the management of shift-based labor to increase efficiencies, save costs, and build their brand reputation.”

The company is on pace to double its client roster in 2023. JoinedUp is experiencing 99% client retention and in many cases has doubled the contract length of renewed client engagements.

As a result of using the JoinedUp platform:

  • Payroll takes 30 minutes vs. 2 days
  • Worker payroll inquiries decrease by 90%
  • Recruiters save 12 hours a week
  • Productivity is increased by an average of 27%, with one client recently sharing a 400% increase in productivity
  • Admin time is reduced by as much as 90%
  • 100% clear and compliant audit trail
  • 100% accurate calculation of worker benefits
  • Staffing firms grow 35% without adding headcount

One global staffing firm shared, “Time spent on data entry and admin tasks like scheduling, payroll, and pay dispute resolution has been slashed with JoinedUp. This means our consultants spend more time with our candidates and clients ensuring we provide a reliable, high-quality, and valuable service. The solution is now a critical part of our growth strategy in temp staffing.”

“The evolution of the workforce is picking up speed, and the technology that supports it must as well,” Vaupel said. “Beeline is constantly evolving its technology for the future of work. Whether it’s the addition of Utmost to deliver total talent intelligence or JoinedUp’s technology to meet the high-volume needs of variable scheduling demands, we continue to stay ahead of what’s needed to manage the entire workforce.”

JoinedUp will be attending Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum North America from 6-9 March 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. At the event, the team will address current trends and challenges in the shift-based workforce space and discuss how this segment continues to grow in influence as a strategic part of the overall workforce. For more information about JoinedUp at SIA Exec Forum, please email Kathy Gans at

JoinedUp is also attending the Recruitment Agency Expo from 20-21 March 2023 at ExCeL London, UK. The team will discuss how JoinedUp’s technology supports staffing agencies to better manage their shift-based portfolio, reducing stress when managing high volumes of temporary workers. For more information about JoinedUp at this event, please email Ian Shaw at

About JoinedUp

JoinedUp by Beeline delivers a platform built specifically for the growing and dynamic world of the shift-based workforce. Its cloud-based tools more efficiently connect recruiters, workers, and companies to drive real-time visibility, productivity, and engagement, ultimately filling more shifts faster.

The platform is built by staffing experts who understand shift-based workers and recognize the need for companies to more effectively handle the hiring and management of shift workers at scale and volume.

More than 200 brands use JoinedUp to manage $2.5 billion in temporary labor spend and more than two million shift hours every year. As part of Beeline Extended Workforce Platform, JoinedUp’s visibility into shift-based labor integrates with insights into all other non-employee and employee segments to deliver total talent visibility through one platform.

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Jessica Ashcraft
Global Vice President of Marketing, Beeline 

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