Talent Solutions

An Innovative Platform For End-To-End Talent Management

Together with our strategic talent management partners, we deliver significant value through our Vendor Management System (VMS) platforms by integrating our strengths, expertise and solutions in critical areas such as:

  • Talent pools
  • Video and voice interviewing
  • Candidate screening and vetting
  • Total workforce management

Talent Solutions


Genesys is a talent cloud provider teaming with Beeline to identify, engage, curate, and connect workers to our customers’ workforce needs. Genesys significantly reduces time to fill and reduces associated costs by creating a virtual bench of pre-vetted workers. The company provides expertise in curating and nurturing talent, ensuring our clients find the best candidates, quickly and cost effectively. Learn more at genesystalent.com .


Interactive Resources is a national company with a fully dedicated team. They serve over 200 clients in the U.S., including their very first, who are still with us today. Learn more at www.irtalent.com .

Technology Solutions


HireGenics, a part of the ACS Group, is a global provider of workforce management solutions to mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies globally. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, HireGenics provides workforce risk mitigation and talent optimization solutions and currently manages approximately 12,000 consultants working in a variety of job skills and labor categories. In addition to Employer of Record Services, Agent of Record Services, and Curated Talent Cloud Solutions, HireGenics  also provides automated payroll services to ensure compliance, MSP services to optimize the contingent labor process, and procurement strategies that effectively manage deliverable-based projects or services spend. We also specialize in independent contractor and small supplier (or non-preferred vendor) compliance, management, and strategy services. Learn more at hiregenics.acsicorp.com .


MBO Partners has the industry’s only complete business operating system for independent workers, offering technology solutions that make it easy for self-employed professionals and their clients to do business. By re-envisioning and streamlining the entire contract talent acquisition and engagement lifecycle, MBO improves how independents operate and succeed while helping enterprises reduce risk and get the best return on their contractor investments. MBO is privately held, so we answer to no one but our customers. We foster the same spirit of entrepreneurship at our company that we do for the independent workforce. We are here to serve independent consultants. Learn more at www.mbopartners.com .


TalentWave is the largest and most experienced provider of Independent Workforce Engagement solutions. Clients depend on their expertise and unmatched service to safely and effectively engage self-sourced workers. Their iConnect® platform delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions: IC compliance, agent-of-record, professional payrolling, vendor qualification, subcontracting, talent re-engagement, global, and advisory. These vital services, when combined with Beeline’s contingent workforce platform, provides clients with the most comprehensive solution for independent contractor risk mitigation and engagement. Learn more at www.talentwave.com .


Vendorpass offers two categories of services: Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR). As an Employer of Record, we employ your W-2 contingent workers, take over HR functions and ensure compliance with all labor laws and regulations. As an Agency of Record, we offer you full indemnification of contingent labor worker misclassification risks and help streamline your entire contingent labor program. Learn more at www.vendorpass.com .


WG Consulting is built on a commitment to service. We create value by serving others to help them achieve their goals. We serve through the person or the project by advising, managing, implementing or supplementing to help clients move from startup to exit. Learn more at wgconsulting.com .


Bullhorn provides a full line of staffing and recruiting software which helps staffing suppliers manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. Beeline and Bullhorn are partnering together to better enable staffing suppliers with advanced toolsets to easily find well-qualified candidates and reduce time to fill for Beeline customers. Learn more at www.bullhorn.com .


Visier and Beeline are delivering Total Workforce Analytics and Planning. We empower our customers with the knowledge to strategically plan for today's and tomorrow's talent needs. For the first time in the market, enterprise organizations have a single platform that delivers deep visibility across their total workforce—both full-time and contingent—and the data-driven insights to make smart human capital decisions. Learn more at www.visier.com .


Work Market's robust online freelancer management platform provides customers with the ability to find, verify, engage, manage, pay and rate freelancer talent. With our partnership, customers can now leverage freelancers through Work Market and traditional contingent workers through Beeline—utilizing Beeline for centralized reporting and invoicing functions. This provides an end-to-end workflow for all contingent workers. Learn more at www.workmarket.com .

Strategic Partners


Brightfield Strategies and Beeline, partnering together to help our clients define, create, and optimize their contingent workforce program strategies. As the world’s largest contingent workforce consultancy, Brightfield is the trusted authority in data services and workforce strategies and analytics. With proven practices in workforce modeling, management consulting and program governance, Brightfield empowers Beeline customers to maximize value from their VMS and transform how they better manage their contingent workforce programs. Learn more at www.brightfieldstrategies.com .


HireRight is a top global background screening and drug-testing provider.  Through this partnership, Beeline customers can be assured that every contingent worker is properly screened according to their corporate and industry standards. This is a first in the contingent workspace.  Today, customers rely on the 3rd parties to complete screening; yet only 29% of contingent workers are properly vetted.  With HireRight integration into Beeline’s new onboarding platform, customers have the ability to verify that every candidate is thoroughly screened before they can begin their assignment. Learn more at www.hireright.com .


IBM procurement solutions provide better visibility of and control over global spending, contracts and suppliers. They help businesses reduce costs, improve compliance and mitigate risks. Using an integrated procurement software platform, you can manage upstream and downstream procurement processes for greater spend control and savings across the source-to-pay cycle. Manage the full contract lifecycle and connect supplier management processes for increased compliance, more profitable contracts and better supplier performance management. Together, IBM and Beeline are teaming to provide total visibility and better control of your non-employee workforce. Learn more at www.ibm.com .


Oracle and Beeline offer a modern perspective on HR strategy and talent management to help customers drive real business value. Whether you’re focused on growing and retaining full-time talent or securely managing a contingent workforce, leveraging combined Oracle and Beeline deep HCM expertise and solutions will help you manage your total workforce more effectively. Learn more at www.oracle.com .


Every day, 280 clients are connected to 6500 temporary employment agencies representing more than 50,000 users in France who together exchange more than 400,000 documents per month and with a procurement volume worth an estimated €2 billion by late 2013. Learn more at www.pixid.fr en .


Beeline is partnering with Workday to become the first certified VMS to offer seamless integrations into Workday’s single-instance ERP. Specific integrations including organizational data, bi-directional worker downloads, timesheet and expense recording, and invoice and accruals. Learn more at www.workday.com .


Whether you're looking for your first job or your next one, it helps to have the right connections. As the world's leading staffing agency, we can help you find a job that fits your career and personal goals and prepare you for your career moving in the right direction. Learn more at www.adecco.com default.aspx .


Corporate United enables nearly 400 member companies to expertly manage their indirect spend categories. By providing category lifecycle management for more than 40 leveraged agreements, Corporate United offers an enhanced approach to ongoing contract and supplier management. We are committed to providing our members and supplier partners with a collaborative community to help them Achieve More. Learn more at www.corporateunited.com .

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