7 Ways to Strike the Right Balance Between Employees and Contractors

September 10, 2020

Businesses often get more done, more cost-effectively, by leveraging a combination of both employees and contingent workers. But determining the right balance between employees and contractors is something that should be managed strategically, not left to managers who lack the data or ability to make the best decisions.

In this ebook, we describe how you can balance employees and non-employees to create an agile workforce.

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  • Learn how to choose the right kinds of workers for the tasks at hand
  • Read how to get math right by understanding supplier markups and productivity metrics
  • Understand how employment laws can affect your contingent workforce options

As your non-employee workforce continues to evolve, your organization is likely revisiting the employee vs. contractor debate.

There is simply no way to stay competitive without maximizing the cost savings and flexibility that all types of non-employee workers of all types provide. At the same time, your company will always need loyal, motivated and highly trained employees perform mission-critical assignments.

Your job is to find the best balance of the two, and this ebook can help. Download it today.

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