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Cable Giant Manages Contingent Workers & Contractors

October 21, 2014

The world’s largest broadcasting and cable company recognized the need for greater visibility into the group's processes for managing staff augmentation activities. At the same time, they wanted to standardize and control their SOW-based contracts. These activities, managed manually, simply didn't provide the consistency, timeliness, and reportability required by the client's pace of operations. Nor did they provide the necessary insight to support the best possible business decisions. They turned to Beeline.

  • Full-featured VMS handles SOW-based resources as easily as contingent workers
  • One-stop shop for accurate data and revision history for all staffing contracts
  • Improved reportability and time-to-fill for contingent staffing and contract-based positions
  • Provides visibility into data essential for tracking and managing security and compliance issues

With this implementation a success, the client has asked us to further upgrade and optimize the system, implementing many Beeline recommendations and industry best practices, and also to provide a similar system for another division of the corporation. The expansion of the VMS is scheduled to be operational in time for this division’s own contract renegotiations.

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