How to procure the non-permanent workforce your business needs

October 20, 2022

Speaking Session at the DPW Amsterdam 2022

In the last two years, the way work is performed has changed dramatically. Hybrid workforces are now the norm, composed not only of workers operating on-premises and remotely, but also with non-employee workers making up nearly 50 percent of the average workforce. Procurement’s role is no longer simply controlling contingent workforce spend. Increasingly, Procurement is responsible for ensuring that companies have the agile non-employee workforce they need to achieve their companies’ strategic goals.

This new responsibility requires new digital technologies that can deliver quality talent on-demand, while providing complete workforce visibility, increase efficiency, and mitigate risks.

Listen to this recording with Beeline and KPN to learn how to use digital technology to engage and manage the flexible, resilient extended workforce your company needs to respond to today’s market challenges and opportunities.


  • How businesses are using the extended workforce to survive and thrive in a challenging environment.
  • How businesses are leveraging digital technology to build workforces that are more adaptable and more resilient.
  • How VMS technology helps business source contingent workers faster and with less risk.

Marnix Laurs, Manager Procurement Business Services, KPN

Manfred Vogels, Director Relationship Management - Europe, Beeline

Speaking Session at DPW Amsterdam 2022 - More information: conference.dpw.ai

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