Fact sheet

High-volume workforce management made easy

May 6, 2021

High-volume staffing is highly transactional and dynamic. When hiring factory workers, drivers, nurses, security staff, hospitality labor, call center personnel, or other shift-based temporary workers, companies need just-in-time staffing and scheduling software that is fit-for-purpose.

Beeline’s high-volume workforce solution makes shift-based staffing easy – resulting in industry-leading visibility, increased fulfillment, complex timekeeping, supplier compliance, and accurate automatic invoicing.

Download our free fact sheet to:

  • Learn about streamlined scheduling and shift fulfillment – including split shifts, night shifts, weekend shifts, and minimum guaranteed hour shifts
  • Understand how you can ensure compliance and eliminate manual work
  • Read how workers can find work, accept assignments, log their hours, and get paid – all on their mobile device

Built-in benefits for workers, suppliers, procurement, and site managers:

  • Procurement gains complete visibility, compliance, and control
  • Site managers can respond to changes quickly with simplified scheduling
  • Workers can find, complete, and get paid for work easier with their mobile device
  • Staffing suppliers / Agencies get a competitive advantage

For more information, download our fact sheet today.

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